Quick-Lock takes the pressure for damaged rising main

Quick-Lock takes the pressure for damaged rising main

Drainage specialists PDS NW Ltd have installed the Quick-Lock point repair system for the first time to professionally repair a damaged pressurised rising main. Quick-Lock is a point repair system consisting of a rubber seal and stainless-steel sleeve with a unique, patented locking system.

“The Quick-Lock product was the perfect solution for this job, as it can withstand up to 10 bar of internal pressure once installed,” explained John Dean, [Project Manager] of PDS. “The damage to the rising main was at a depth of almost 3m, so we needed a no-dig solution as the costs to excavate were simply too high, along with the disruption that would have been caused for the treatment works as it could not be out of action for a lengthy duration exceeding one working day.

“The conventional resin patch repair would not have sufficed given the pressures operating in the main and posed a risk as a resin patch would deteriorate and could potentially cause an obstruction if it failed. Quick-Lock avoided any of those problems and has a 50-year service life.  This was the best method for a repair that we could trust for our customer,” he continued.

The repair took place at a waste treatment works on behalf of the local water authority.  The problem had initially become apparent due to a large external flood of foul water outside the pump house. CCTV investigation by PDS indicated an issue, demonstrated by the presence of rag hanging down within a small void within the pipework. When this was removed, gushing water was seen and the full extent of the structural damage to the line could be seen.

Following discussions with Quick-Lock distributors S1E, the Quick-Lock product was selected as an ideal solution for this application. As the product was new to PDS, on-site support was given by S1E’s Terry Ingleby, who has been fully trained in the product features, benefits and installation technique by Quick-Lock’s manufacturers.

“Terry took the time to come to the site with us and talk us through exactly how to correctly install Quick-Lock. He then stayed to oversee this first job, where we installed seven Quick-Locks in series to cover the full extent of the fracture within the pipe,” John stated. “As I’ve gone through this training with Terry, I have now become one of the few Quick-Lock Certified Installers in the UK and feel fully prepared to confidently tackle other Quick-Lock jobs in the future.”

John and the PDS crew reported that they had found installation of the Quick-Lock system very straight forward.  The method is similar to installing a resin-based patch repair, by use of an inflatable packer.  The repair is attached to a packer and positioned correctly with a crawler camera.  The packer is then inflated to fix the lock on the stainless-steel sleeve to the correct size for the pipe.  The packer is then deflated and removed, leaving the Quick-Lock in position sealing off the defect.

“The crew were impressed with the immediate result attained from the installation. Each install can be locked into place at a greater speed than other conventional methods with less risk and mess – no measuring and cutting of matting or mixing of resins on-site and no cure time,” John commented.  “On completion of installing the quick-lock patches, we managed to repair and seal the affected area with minimal disruption and minimal waste. The final results were impressive with the smooth stainless-steel finish bringing the pressurised pipework back into service.  I can see this method being the choice of various issues especially within rising mains and cast pipework.”

PDS NW Ltd has over 25 years’ experience in the drainage industry and covers North Wales, the North West and the Midlands from its Cheshire base.

S1E stocks a wide range of Quick-Lock products for fast delivery to customers and offers the Quick-Lock installation equipment for sale or hire, as required.

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