Sealants & Grouts

To permanently stop unwanted water flow

The polyurethane grouts within the SealGuard range – SealGuard II & Hyperflex - are unmatched for their efficiency, simplicity and cost effectiveness.

These products are professional grade, highly effective and field-tested products available for use in a multitude of applications.

Both products provide a permanent fix to unwanted water flow.  They are hydrophobic – using the moisture with which they come into contact as an element to their void-filling, high-ratio expansion.

SealGuard II & Hyperflex are both easy to apply, with simple instructions for use.  

SealGuard II

SealGuard II can be used in very fast water flow rates - in flows of up to 3 litres per second (189 litres/42 gallons per minute)

Its reaction time of 1-3 seconds is so rapid that no washout is experienced.

The final result achieves a 900 psi (>60 bar) compressive strength when cured


Hyperflex produces a similar, though slower reaction.

Due to this slower reaction rate, it is used where the unwanted water is more widespread with a lower flow rate - its slower reaction rate allows the product to penetrate further before it reacts.

Hyperflex has also been used for ground stabilisation purposes.

Our Sealants & Grouts range includes
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