SealGuard II stop leaks easily and permanently, at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods – wherever high water flow needs to be stopped
It is extremely fast-acting – it stops fast flowing leaks within 1 to 3 seconds!
•    Can be injected into flowing water of up to 3 litres per second (189 litres / 42 gallons per minute) with a reaction time of 1-3 seconds
•    Injection and permanent seal, rather than just a cover up
•    Will reconstitute, even in flowing water, unlike other materials which can be susceptible to washout
•    Can be injected into the finest of fractures
•    Achieves 900 psi (>60 bar) compressive strength, when cured
•    Cures within seconds – work can continue almost immediately
•    Simple, small and patented application equipment which allows reuse of cartridge
•    Large 600ml, re-usable tube represents excellent value
•    Secure non-return valve prevents product flowing back into cartridge and reacting with unused product
•    Secure cap allows later use of unreacted product
•    Shelf life of 2 years in unopened container

Please note:This product contains Diisocyanate in levels of 0.1% or above, as of 24th August 2023, adequate training is required before industrial or professional use of this product.

Our customers say:

"Many thanks for recommending the Sealguard II system to us.  As you are aware we have had many problems at [the site we've been working on] in Bristol with water ingress and infiltration within both pipes and manholes.  Our client had used extensive labour and resources trying to plug with other products to no avail, however following the simple instructions we were able to seal up the remaining manholes in a fraction of the time and cost, and needless to say our client was delighted and impressed that we were able to find a solution."

Tom, Contractor, South West

"We had high volumes of water ingress into a brick manhole/chamber at a site in Gloucester and I contacted S1E to see if they had a solution.  Tony Hickman, Technical Sales Manager of S1E, explained how the SealGuard II product worked to permanently repair water ingress into any substrate.

I subsequently ordered the SealGuard II Starter Pack [and] a further 12 twin-tubes and the manhole/chamber was completely sealed within 2 working days.  Had it not been for SealGuard II the excavation would have cost between £8-£10K and taken a full working week to complete. The SealGuard II product worked at both a fraction of the cost and time.

I am delighted with the SealGuard II results."

Warren, Groundworks & Construction company, Gloucester

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