3 hours ago
Layflat oblong pillow packer-

A new style of packer, which makes large patch repairs easier and which can mend oval pipes, is now available in the UK, courtesy of Source One Environmental (S1E):  the Pillow Packer.


”This product is the latest addition to the Pipe Doctor no-dig patch repair system,” explained S1E Business Development Manager, Russell Edwards.  ”It’s another tool to achieve professional repairs, offering a unique way to fix larger infrastructure while solving some difficulties on-site.”


2 hours ago
The repair protected the water supply for Queenstown in New Zealand

A simple, permanent repair has been carried out to a leaking concrete reservoir in Queenstown, New Zealand, using specialist hydrophobic grout Hyperflex, supplied by Source One Environmental (S1E) in the UK.


1 month ago
New pipe claening & cutting tools now avaible in the UK

An exclusive new deal between Finnish manufacturers Renssi and Seweri and UK distributor Source One Environmental (S1E) sees their high-quality pipe cutting and cleaning tools available to the UK market for the first time.

1 month ago
Renssi's pipe cleaning tools and the new pillow packer will be demonstrated at the S1E open days

Customers will have the chance to see equipment brand new to the UK market at S1E’s upcoming open days in March.

On show for the first time will be:

Renssi & Seweri cutting & cleaning tools.  These carbide and stainless steel tools have never been on sale in the UK.  They are high-quality, precision-engineered and handmade in Finland.  The ranges include a wide variety of adaptors to connect to contractors’ current equipment, regardless of make.