BRAWO® Magnavity SX LED Lining System

Compact LED Curing machine for DN70 to DN300

Supplied in the UK by S1E Limited in partnership with Brawo®  Systems. The Brawo® Maganavity SX LED lining system is light curing on the next level for curing Brawoliners in DN70-DN300. Experience fast, reliable and above all smart light curing with BRAWO® Magnavity. Guaranteed with the usual installation safety and high quality from BRAWO® Tech.

The new light curing system consists of an intelligent LED head with 96 or 192 high-performance UV LEDs, a 60-metre-long combination hose with integrated power and compressed air supply, a retraction  unit and a control box. 

Light curing on the next level

  • You save time and effort 

The innovative and unique LED heads allow simultaneous retraction with inversion of the liner. Curing is thus carried out immediately after installation of the liner, without the need for additional insertion of the reel. 9/3

  • Simple and flexible installation log

All the necessary data for the installation can be recorded via the intuitive user interface. The installation log can be conveniently retrieved from a mobile device

  • Mobile and flexible in use

Thanks to the modular construction, compact design and low system weight, easy transportation of the system helps with difficult on-site access conditions. BRAWO® Magnavity stands for maximum flexibility and is perfectly matched to the installation of the BRAWOLINER® product line.

Technical data

Weight:70 kg

Max. Range:60 m (hose length)

Connected load:1,25 kW

Retraction speed:0,1 - 2,0 m/min

Dimensions:(l x w x h):735 x 490 x 975 mm

Key Features

  • Exchangeable LED heads with integrated operating hours monitoring. 
  • Installation log and interface to mobile end device (USB, W-LAN).
  • Reversible dual camera.
  • Intelligent LED heads with integrated magnetic coupling for electromagnetic remote unlocking.
  • Plug & Play:Automatic recognition of the LED head used.
  • Low power consumption with high light output.
  • 96 / 192 high-performance UV LEDs with extremely high efficiency.
  • Saves a complete operation, only one access point necessary. 
  • “Turtle” function to enable operator for utilisation on bends.
  • Very good bend flexibility, 87° possible from DN 100.
  • Easy transportation thanks to modular, lightweight construction.

LED head Mega

Thanks to the 192 high-power UV LEDs and the associated greater light output, up to approx. 70% faster curing is possible compared to the Nano LED head. The Mega LED head is suitable for rehabilitating the dimension ranges DN 125 to DN 300. From a pipe diameter of DN 150 upwards, pipes with bends can also be rehabilitated economically and efficiently.

LED head Nano

Even in the smallest pipe dimensions, the Nano LED head scores highly with its extremely good bend flexibility. Due to its slim design and optimised guide elements, it can also be guided safely through several bends in small nominal widths. It is suitable for use in pipe diameters from DN 70 to DN 250.

LED head Mega - Technical Data

High-performance UV LEDs:192
Head diameter:80 mm
Weight (head):1000 g
Magnet holding power:approx. 100 kg
Wattage:500 W
Light output:approx. 255 W
Wavelength:approx. 395 nm
Sensors:2x temperature
Memory:1x EEPROM
Curing:possible from DN 125 upwards (straight pipe run/slight bends)

LED head Nano - Technical Data

High-performance UV LEDs:96
Head diameter:45 mm
Weight (head):220 g
Magnet holding power:approx. 30 kg
Wattage:250 W
Light output:approx. 127 W
Wavelength:approx. 395 nm
Sensors:2x temperature
Memory:1x EEPROM
Curing:possible from DN 70 upwards (straight pipe run/slight bends) 87° from DN 100 possible

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