Starlight Lining System

S1E distributes the Starlight Plus and Thermo Liner CIPP liners

Both liners are used with inversion installation techniques.  They are both used with UV-cured resins.  And they are both manufactured and supplied by I.S.T. in Germany.

Starlight Plus & Thermo Liner

Thermo Liner is also called Starlight Stretch

These liners are the ideal consumables to use with the Starlight UV curing machine, supplied by S1E, as they were designed for use with this system.

  • Both of these liners are made of polyester felt - nonwoven and knitted polyester fabric with high-quality 250 μm PU coating.
  • Dimension changes are possible with both of these liner options.
  • The seam has been optimized for UV curing.
  • Can also be used with Epoxy resin options with a hot water cure technique, or with Silicate or Polyester
  • Excellent adhesion to a wide variety of materials – no annular gap

Starlight System Resin Options

The STARLIGHT UV system provides various one-component resins.

  • RayCure VE is the most common resin that we supply with these systems.
  • RayCure UA is an alternative resin based on a urethane-acrylate/methacrylate mixture.  It is characterized by its good resistance to chemicals and has excellent static values. 
  • In addition, the material used adheres to most pipe materials without any difficulty, even without pretreatment. 

Talk to the S1E team about your site requirements for advice on resin selection:  01226397015.

Pre-Wet Service

S1E can impregnate the felt liners in this system with the relevant UV-cured resin and deliver to site.

Deliveries can be made all across Mainland UK, ready for you to begin installing the liner as soon as it hits site.

I.S.T. - experts in sewer rehabilitation

Established in 1998 in Germany, I.S.T. is a fast-growing specialist in sewer rehabilitation technologies that has achieved worldwide reach.

Operating as a manufacturer, distributor and service centre, I.S.T. has developed a reputation for in-depth expertise within its field.  Its engineers work at product development and within the company’s own service centre – their technical knowledge is at customers’ disposal to understand the best use of their products and for troubleshooting.

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