Brawoliner® Lining System

BRAWOLINER® offers seamless textile liners for the rehabilitation of small diameter pipes.

The Brawoliner® systems are DIBt certificated.

The BRAWOLINER® is extremely flexible due to its special loop construction - it is a woven product, with no seam. This makes the liners the ideal renovation solution for defective pipes with bends of up to 90° and up to two changes in dimension.


The Brawoliner® system has passed the CIPP leak tightness test from the Water Research Centre (WRc) (CP308).  

Brawoliners® include:


  • The liner for small dimensions from 50 to 250 mm (2″ to 10″)

  • Bends of up to 90°

  • One dimensional change

Brawoliner® 3D

  • For several changes in dimension

  • Three sizes:from 70 mm to 100 mm (3″ to 4″); from 100 mm to 150 mm (4″ to 6″); from 150 mm to 200 mm (6″ to 8″)

Brawoliner® XT

  • For greater strength

  • From 100 to 250 mm (4″ to 10″)

  • Significantly higher stiffness

  • Bends of up to 90°

  • One dimensional change

Brawoliner® HT

  • For domestic rehabilitation

  • From 50 mm to 250 mm (2″ to 10″)

  • Bends of up to 90°

  • Up to two changes in dimension

  • Warm curing possible at higher temperatures

BRAWO® Resins

The BRAWO® resins are special epoxy resins for the renovation of domestic and industrial sewerage systems and have outstanding properties.


This rapidly curing resin for underground pipes is particularly suitable for the renovation of shorter pipes of up to approx. 15 m in length


Thanks to the longer processing time, the BRAWO® III is suitable for the renovation of longer pipe sections or large pipe diameters


  • The resin for rehabilitating pipes inside buildings
  • Meets all structural requirements such as dimensional stability under heat ≥ 93 °C and fire safety


For particularly economic renovation of pipe unions or short pipe sections

About Brawoliner®

BRAWOLINER® is a leading systems supplier in no dig rehabilitation. Besides liners and resin, they also offer complete installation equipment. Specializing in small diameter pipes from DN 50 to DN 250, Brawoliner® offers a reliable rehabilitation solution for sewerage systems with 90° bends, changes in diameters and for defective pipe connections.

Brawoliner® is available in over 30 countries worldwide.  S1E is proud to represent Brawoliner® in the UK & Ireland.

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