Cleaning Chains

Picote Grinding Chains are multi-use tools which are extremely effective at removing large build-ups of scale and more. 

Picote offers a large range of grinding chains for high-speed cleaning with the Picote Miller Range of machines. This truly powerful combination gives outstanding results, eliminating scale and bringing pipes back to their original glory.

Uses include:

  • Soft blockages
  • Scale & calcium build-up and tree roots
  • Failed liners & imperfections in pipe
  • Cyclone chain for damaged pipes
  • Original chain for tough jobs
  • Cast iron, concrete & clay pipes

Four types are available:Tiger, Regular, Premium and PVC (for cleaning PVC pipes).

Premium Chains

Larger and heavier U carbide (7-ridge) makes it stronger and faster than any other chain on the market. A versatile tool for cast iron pipes. For tough descaling, hard deposits and removing residual concrete or failed liner, including inconsistencies, wrinkles and remains.

Tiger Chains

Fits in between the Standard & Premium versions. Equipped with extra-hard, very long lasting carbide teeth with a lighter chain material to create a gentle but extremely durable option for cleaning cast iron pipes.

Standard Chains

Star carbide (3-ridge). An efficient general cleaning chain. Suitable for clay, concrete and cast iron pipes.

PVC Chains

No carbides. General cleaning chain to restore flow quickly and safely or to remove light roots in fragile pipes such as plastic, copper & clay.


Tiger Original Chain


In Stock

from £94.60ex. VAT

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