Collaborating with suppliers for innovative no-dig solutions.

Collaborating with suppliers for innovative no-dig solutions.

It's time to intensify collaboration with your suppliers and your integration of new products and systems, to provide new services. 

The start of a new year can mean fresh starts, or a year of a development. If you are seeking to work with a much broader range of organisations on potentially multiple projects, you’ll need to intensify collaboration with your suppliers and your integration of new products and systems, to provide new services. 

With flooding prevailing to plague many areas of the UK last year, we will be walking into a year of investment as water companies will be focused on repairing old and deteriorated water infrastructures.  

It is the responsibility of water companies to ensure drainage systems are maintained and ensure residents are serviced efficiently to aid flood prevention, as a contractor you can showcase your services by providing several options, with innovative tools to clean, cut and rehabilitate pipelines so they can make significant savings by not having to partake in costly excavation projects.

With a need to be much more innovative and sustainable, it is important to diversify your supply chain as a contractor to access new high-quality products from reputable manufacturers. In acquiring new products, there is also the process of acquiring the skills and knowledge to install and carry out the work. Here at S1E we provide training and advice for all the systems it sells - patch repair, mechanical point repair, CIPP lining and more, for installer confidence.

The focus at S1E is to provide to contractors in the sewer and drainage repair market, innovative trenchless technology. Our focus means we source and supply quality products that have been tried and tested in the field for professional use. Working with some of most reputable manufacturers in the market, to access innovative products that deliver results and gain the support when you need it most. 

Trenchless pipe repair and rehabilitation boasts a number of unique benefits, and there are a wide range of methods you can choose from to repair pipeline and drainage systems, such as;

Patch Repair

This is a proven and effective structural repair to rehabilitate cracked and damaged pipes. S1E supply the established Pipe Doctor range for this type of repair; providing a permanent and watertight finish, it is also WRc approved* and has excellent bonding to virtually any substrate while not requiring any costly, time-consuming, disruptive excavation work. 

Mechanical Repair

A simple to install system that doesn’t involve any excavation or chemicals and no curing time is required. Made from high-quality EPDM rubber and stainless steel, these long-lasting materials are the perfect alternative to patch repair to create a durable and watertight seal. S1E supply two types of approved and certified systems, the Quick-Lock from UHRIG and the K-Prema internal seal. 

CIPP Lining

A common but more cost-effective process of eliminating infiltration and adding strength to longer lengths of pipeline to significantly extend the life expectancy without the need to excavate and causer environmental disruption. CIPP Lining has a variety of installation and curing methods from ambient, hot water, steam, and UV/LED curing, all available to suit different requirements of the job. S1E stock and provide a wide range of equipment and systems from leading manufacturers including high quality liners and equipment from BRAWO®, and Picote Solutions, and SAERTEX multiCom.

Brush Coating

An innovative alternative to lining, a brush coating system will renovate old or deteriorated drains and sewers to prolong the lifespan with Picote’s Brush Coating System. Brush coating can reline long lengths of pipe just like CIPP lining by painting a damp-proof, corrosion resistant coating. This coating to reline a pipe creates a slick inner surface to increase flow inside the pipe, minimising the risk of blockages, as well being a no dig solution that avoids costly excavation and disruption. 

S1E offers and supplies a comprehensive portfolio of no-dig pipe repair systems and products to those working in the drainage repair industry. Working in partnership with innovative manufactures S1E can provide support when and where you need it. If you would like to find out more about these systems and products please contact us, as one of our experienced sales team members will be happy to help. Contact the S1E Sales Team on 01226 397 015 or email

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